Smile Big Foundation - Justin William Bradfield

Our Mission

Keeping our children safe, one project at a time.

In the spring of 2012, Justin’s parents were contacted to meet with Emily Halbach (a sophomore at Janesville High School) to discuss a project she had been working on since Justin’s death.  She researched sensors that could be installed on a school bus to detect children that were in the danger zone out of sight from the driver and unable to be seen.  She named her project ‘The Smile BIG Project‘, which was named after Justin’s brilliant smile.  To help raise money and support Emily’s project a committee was formed.  With the help of Traci Berry (President), Mary Dove (Vice President), Teresa Gergen (Treasurer), Lindsey Keller (Public Relations), Kim Bradfield (Secretary), and Ryan Bradfield (Gopher) this committee was formed and the foundation was created, called the Smile BIG Foundation.  After realizing what the committee could accomplish, their passion has led them to share these ideas with other communities and beyond and even try to create or amend some laws along the way.  To learn more about these projects, click here.

This Smile BIG Foundation was created in honor of Justin.  To help keep our children safe, heighten school bus safety, and to remember Justin’s legacy that he, himself created in the 11 wonderful years he was allowed to be with us on earth.  Justin was a very energetic child.  He enjoyed life and enjoyed learning as much as he could.  At school he was known for his smile and giving high-fives to his classmates as they walked through the halls, he was full of life and always happy.  To learn more about Justin’s life, click here.